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A huge favor!

Hi friends!

I know I haven't been around very much recently, but I have a super huge favor to ask of any of you that might see this.

I'm in a writing competition over on Dreamwidth that is based on Survivor (the TV show). I've made the Final Four (yay!), but I really, really, really want to make the Final Three and get to go to the finale. I figure this is as close as I'll ever get to being on TV Survivor, so I'd love to make it all the way.

But I'm pretty sure if I don't win immunity this week that my fellow competitors are going to vote me out, and the way we win immunity is getting the most votes in the poll.

So that said, if anyone wouldn't mind voting for me, I'd super, super appreciate it, and I would totally owe you one! It is on Dreamwidth but you can vote using your LJ account, and voting is open until 9p EST tomorrow (Thursday).

Thank you so much everyone!

You can vote here.
And if you'd like, you can read my entry for this week here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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Battleships: A Harry Potter multiship game

Hope this is allowed, but thought some people here might be interested in this.

HP Battleships Game/Fest
July 1 - July 30

Are you a multi-shipper?
Do you love rare-pairs?
Want to see more art, ficlets and drabbles for a certain pairing?
Be the change you want to see in fandom!
Join us July 1 for this epic game/fest as we celebrate the ships of the HP Universe and the creativity of fandom!

About | Rules & Faq | Signup


Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Oh, I didn't know I could do this with images!
Oh, I didn't know I could do this with images!

HPST is a podcast I started a few months ago, and as a fan of Harry Potter, I love it.

Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile are the cohosts. They are both thirty-something graduates from Harvard Divinity School, so there is a definite religious angle to the podcast, but not "in your face." Vanessa is Jewish, Casper is... not. Protestant maybe? He's also gay and married. They're both very open-minded, and the podcast, while being based in religion, has absolutely no intention of converting anyone.

I hope I didn't turn you all off, because I'm very not religious and I love this podcast, so this should tell you how not obnoxious it is.

Basically what they do is they read Harry Potter as if it was a sacred text. Each podcast is a chapter they read through a certain theme, like Love, Heartbreak, Responsibility, Expectation, White Supremacy...

Each episode is structured the same. It starts with either Casper or Vanessa telling us a personal story that relates to the week's theme. Then they both do a thirty-second-recap of the chapter (often hilarious XD), one after the other. They made a competition of it, with voting and all. Then obviously they discuss the chapter itself and the different places they see the week's theme in it.

After that there's a "sacred practice," which is the only really religious bit. They take a practice that religious people usually do with the Bible and do it with the chapter. First was lectio divina, where they pick one sentence and random and first read it literally, then metaphorically, then think of what it reminds them of, then of what it calls them to do. Havruta is one person poses a question and proposes an answer, the second person proposes another answer, and they discuss it. Floralegia is when they each pick a line that "sparkled" to them, read them together and analyze this "new" bit of text. There was also one where they read a passage and we had to close our eyes and picture ourselves in the story, as a specific character or just in the background, and think of how we'd be feeling, smelling, seeing, touching at that moment.

Then there's a voicemail, where a fan tells a story or something that they share with us. And they finish it off with weekly blessings, each for a character in the chapter representing people everywhere. Vanessa is making it a point to bless only women (so she was glad when we got to Hogwarts and she could bless somebody other than Petunia, lol).

So far the episodes are about 30 minutes each, but I only finished season/book 2 yesterday, and they're on book 5, I think they get longer.

Also, I love how the discussions often give me ideas for fics. Like in book 1, what Molly was thinking when she sent Harry, whom she'd met for all of five minutes, a great Christmas present. How Millicent Bulstrode's life must be difficult and insecure. How Myrtle's parents felt when they learned about their daughter's death and her decision to stay a ghost, and did they have a relationship with her until their own death?

For all fans of the Boy-Who-Lived.

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Are any of you on Discord?

Hello! How many of you use Discord? I was chatting to some friends on a private channel tonight, and my thoughts drifted to this comm. It might be a nice way to keep in touch with some friends here over the years, or make new ones. 

Anyways, I was wondering if there were HIHers who wanted to chat on the regular. Maybe we could swap usernames in the comments or via a PM? 

Maybe we could even start a server if there's a group of us.

And if I'm the only one, you'll just have to excuse my awkwardness. Ha. 


Photoshop Tutorials

Way back in the day, I had a Flourish shop and used Gimp for my graphics. The version I have on my computer got a bit wonky and now displays all text in Hebrew, which I can't read.

As I'm now a grown-up with a job, I sprung for Photoshop with the goal of laying the ground work this term to have a new Flourish shop next term.

Where are some good tutorials to help me get up to speed with Photoshop and polish up my graphics making skills?

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Hot Chocolate

Hey, all! Super random question. Does anyone have an awesome hot chocolate recipe they don't mind sharing? (I know, I know.. I can Google. ;) In between the cold and some early Christmas shopping, I'm really craving some right now and want to try something different!

(I'm also curious what the best hot chocolate brand is out there too. Trying to find some Ghirardelli hot chocolate tins, because I know their chocolate is awesome, but not having much luck.)