Moon Goddess (cyn_ful) wrote in hih_greathall,
Moon Goddess

What are your thoughts?

So, I'm brilliant, really I am. I tell myself this everytime I go and do something that I probably shouldn't have. BUT I won't give up. I have just given this entire year to writing one huge stinking fic involving Harry at harrybang. I haven't written a "good" Harry in ages. I have no stories in my head floating around for him.

Any suggestions? What would be the perfect story for you right now? (Yes, I am seriously looking for ideas.)

On that same note, I have pretty much decided that it will be Severitus. I absolutely adore Severitus and I could totally get into some Harry/Snape Father/son time. (And no we are not slashing the two in this instance)

What do you like to read with Severitus? Am I the only one? Surely not...

Let's discuss (while I run off to work)

(and I have no idea what tags to use for this)
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