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New Trio Era RPG coming soon!

A couple of really good friends of mine have gone in together and started a brand new Trio Era RPG over on Insanejournal and they are looking for members! Basically, the game begins with Harry's first year at Hogwarts & while there will be some "canon" events, there are also a lot of other "non canon" events planned. Its to take a look at the journey through Hogwarts from OTHER CHARACTERS perspectives. The first few "years" are going to go by really quick since a lot of people don't like to play characters that young, but they wanted to give everyone a time to settle in and make friends with the other characters. They are still in need of a bunch of canon characters, BUT Original Characters are also welcome (and encouraged) Since I'm definitely not doing it justice

Harry Potter. The boy who lived. We all know the story as told by JK Rowling, but what about the other characters? What other events took place at Hogwarts during his time there? Did people fall in love? Did they get their hearts broken? Did two best friends find love after years of being each others closest confidant? Who held the world record for detentions with Professor Snape?

Will your character support Harry or will they join in on a chorus of Potter Stinks? Will you be that shy Ravenclaw that finds love with the wild Slytherin? Your destiny awaits with us...... Hogwarts Journey is a partial canon RPG. Which means that while there will be some canon events {Quidditch games, Hogsmeade visits as well as some "events" from the books} there will also be events thrown in merely for the entertainment of our players. Canon relationships as welcome, but not enforced (so if Draco Malfoy wants to date Hermione Granger, we say go for it).While there will be canon events to participate in (and certain aspects of the game will remain canon), we encourage our members to think outside the box. Ron doesn't have to date Hermione, Cedric doesn't have to die.

 Original Characters are welcome (just please if you're going to be bringing in a family member of an established character let us know BEFORE you begin your application so we can go over an pertinent information with you).

Hogwarts Journey is a social game which will include both player and mod run events and threads, set in the Trio Era. There will be game-wide plots and challenges to keep the game moving forward in a timely fashion, however the first few years will move very quickly in order to cultivate friendships between the characters before we move into the "longer" books (besides we've found its quite difficult to play 12 year olds). We want to have fun, and explore what else could have happened at Hogwarts.

MOST WANTED: Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Parvati Patil, Padma Patil, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, other canon students, Original Character students & MORE!

Game set to begin 03/21/2014
Rules & FAQ // Application // Characters

I'm applying & I hope to see you guys there as well!
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