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the night's on fire~

The Pillow Fort


I come to you with random tidings, tbh. I am part of a group called The Pillow Fort. Basically it is a website and group for those young people struggling with chronic illness. That is not for me to decide to be hones but it can be anything from anything that means you are wheelchair bound to depression, anxiety and diabetes. It can be ME, CFS, thyroid-ism, arthritis and so many other things. I think it is really a sort of category you know you fit into? Chronic illness. Sometimes people around you don't know but YOU do.

The pillowfort is where you can make friends who may not share your ailments or symptoms but may share your thoughts and struggles. They have been where you are. The sites has twitters, facebooks, tumblres, websites and even a quarterly e-mag. I paid for the first copy and it was brilliant. It was such a moment of 'well hey that is me'. I ended up posting an article to the next. It isn't controlled by editors or grammar police but by people. You may have a message someone wants to hear and maybe one you need to hear yourself. Pretty serious post for a landcomm but I've learned over time a lot of us can need that shoulder. The pillow fort might be it. Check that out.
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