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Talk Pokemon, Help a Grad Student Out!

(posting this on behalf of former member Xuxa!)

Hello all,

I am a current grad student and I need your help! My dissertation project, for my Masters, is a study on video games and fan cultures. I want to research how fandom activities affect playing habits of gamers (ie is there more fan culture than actual playing).

Of course, I chose to do a case study research on Pokemon gamers. Please PLEASE fill out my survey. It should not take more than 15 minutes. Even if you are not involved in fandom as much, but you still play Pokemon games, I still need you. You are all important to me!

Please share as well, since the more responses I have, the better my research can be. And I don’t have a lot of followers to spread the news.

Here is the link:

Please and thank you! :)

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