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New Writings from JKR (for which I endured Pottermore so you don't have to)

Pottermore has released The Order of the Phoenix path along with some fresh new information from JKR, and today I was just curious and bored enough to log in.

The new writings come in four parts: the Minister of Magic, Thestrals, Umbridge, and Trelawney. [EDIT: THERE ARE MORE WRITINGS THAN THIS. I STOPPED READING PREMATURELY WHEN I MADE THIS POST. /edit] I've included what I thought was the most interesting stuff below.

I'm sure most of us have heard of the new Umbridge information. In this article, we learn that Umbridge is actually a half-blood (born to a wizard father and Muggle mother, which seems to be a trend among half-bloods) who was sorted into Slytherin. She also had a Squib brother, whom she never saw again after her family divorced. Because she lost contact with her mother and brother, she was free to pretend to be totally pureblood.

The Ministers for Magic article was the most interesting to me, particularly because many familiar Slytherin surnames show up:

Perseus Parkinson, 1726 - 1733

Attempted to pass a bill making it illegal to marry a Muggle.

Josephina Flint, 1819 - 1827

Revealed an unhealthy anti-Muggle bias in office; disliked new Muggle technology such as the telegraph, which she claimed interfered with proper wand funtion.

Radolphus Lestrange, 1835 - 1841
(Like Rodolphus but more rad?)

Reactionary who attempted to close down the Department of Mysteries, which ignored him.

I also noted an Albert Boot (1747 - 1752, likable but inept, resigned after mismanaged goblin rebellion), which caused me extreme alarm. I'd assumed from the obscure notation on this document that Terry Boot must be Muggleborn, and now I have to rethink my life. (I guess this could be a Mark Evans, no relation situation, but I'm not sure if "Boot" is a very common name.)

We also learn that there were "pure-blood riots during Squib Rights marches in the late sixties," which occurred shortly before the first rise of Lord Voldemort.

The next article concerns Thestrals, which I don't really care about, but some of you might like to know they're carnivorous.

Finally, we get to Trelawney, who is both a Pisces and a Ravenclaw, just like yours truly. (Her birthdate is appropriate for someone who so frequently indulges in sherry, for Pisces often have a fondness for drink.) She's also a half-blood who, once again, has a wizard father and a Muggle mother. She was briefly married to a man named Higglebottom, whom she rebuffed on account of his ridiculous name. JKR describes the historic loveliness of Trelawney's own surname, which is of Cornish origins.

THOUGHTS? Is Terry Boot really descended from a Minster of Magic? Why do so many half-bloods have magical fathers and Muggle mothers? How common do you think it is for a half-blood union to produce a Squib? DO YOU THINK THESTRALS EAT BUNNIES?!

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